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Pure Spice Page

What We Offer

Plain and Simple, We aim to provide our 

customers with authentic Herbs and Spices from around the world. 

Harvested by great people who practice sustainable farming.

While our current selection is limited, we are working hard to 

source new farmers in small communities around the globe. 

We choose to work with farmers who care! By supporting these small community 

farmers we are able to contribute to their growing economies, 

while providing great herbs and spices to the rest of the world.


We work with Farmers who 

harvest in small batches

By harvesting in small batches our suppliers are able to 

ensure the quality of our spices. Working with these farmers 

allows us to support growing economies around the world!

Bois Bande

Bois Bande is the term used commonly to describe the bark 

from the Richeria grandis tree which is a species of the 

Phyllanthaceae family. Found in particular Caribbean Islands 

and parts of South America.

While typically consumed for its said health benefits, Bois Bande 

provides a full bodied earthy flavour profile. 

The name Bois Bande quite literally means "Hard Wood".  

Reputed in the Caribbean its natural energy enhancing properties. 

Bois Bande, has also been traditionally used as a means to 

purify blood, improve circulation and promote a healthy menstruation cycle.

Typically steeped and drawn in tea, alcoholic and hot beverages.

Ceylon Cinnamon

"True Cinnamon",  Ceylon Cinnamon, is unique in that is 

comes from the Cinnamomum verum tree native to Sri Lanka. 

There are two main types of cinnamon, Ceylon Cinnamon and Cassia Cinnamon. 

If you've bought cinnamon at your local grocery store, you've likely tried Cassia cinnamon.

Ceylon Cinnamon is comparably more delicate, sweeter in taste, and lighter brown in appearance.

 We are confident that you will see and taste the difference.

Ceylon cinnamon is commonly used for indigestion, diabetes, obesity. blood sugar regulation and contains antioxidants. Ceylon Cinnamon, also has the lowest  Coumarin content of all Cinnamon varieties.


Grenada, known as the spice isle, prides itself with the 

quality nutmeg it produces. Nutmeg is the brown oval fruit 

that is revealed when the red webbing known as the Mase is removed.

Nutmeg is commonly used to enhance the flavour of sweet and savoury meals and beverages. Nutmeg is also known for its rich aroma.

Nutmeg is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, ability to boost blood circulation and aid in digestive health.